[WATCH] NRA Member Bullied By Alyssa Milano’s Bodyguards

Alyssa Milano, the D-list celebrity, was at the NRA Convention with her team of bodyguards protesting our Second Amendment rights. Milano’s hypocrisy was showing when an NRA member approached her for a conversation and she’s caught on video sending in her security team to bully the NRA member and his kids. That’s when things go sideways and poor ignorant Alyssa gets shocked by a nasty surprise.

Anyone who uses social media, especially Twitter, knows about the nutjob that is Alyssa Milano. She is an aging child star who has morphed into a budding Rosie O’Donnell. She was last seen at the NRA Convention over the weekend where the D-list actress had conveyed a planned protest.

Of course, Milano is entirely ignorant about the Second Amendment and gun laws. If she would just take a few hours to research the topic, she might save herself from total embarrassment. But when she turns up at the NRA Convention in Dallas to protest with a team of bodyguards who were very likely armed, it’s already an epic fail.

When NRA member Will Haraway was walking by the protest with his kids and noticed Alyssa’s security team, he decided to point out the irony to Milano. As Haraway gets Milano’s attention politely, immediately her thugs are confrontational and bullying the NRA member and his kids.

It’s the perfect storm, and it’s all captured on video. Especially offensive is when leftist nutjob Milano santers over behind her guards to tell Haraway why she’s leading a protest. Then, she lies on her Twitter account saying “the NRA sent people to intimidate” her.

She tweets, “My conversation with an NRA member sent to the #NoRA Rally to intimidate me. ‘You’re being so incredibly confrontational and I’m just trying to have a conversation. Because, to me, we have to bridge this divide.’ #NoRA”

Poor Alyssa didn’t think that maybe someone had the entire footage of the so-called bad NRA members sent to “intimidate” her and her bodyguards. Well, she got a nasty surprise from journalist Ben Howe and NRA spokesman Dana Loesch. Not only did Howe have the entire footage, Loesch calls out Milano on her NRA show as a big liar and hypocrite.

Howe posted two videos which cover the entire incident. The first tweet he posted says, “This is Will Haraway a CCW @nra member. He asked @Alyssa_Milano’s security if he was armed (he was) and then asked Alyssa about it. Here’s what happened. (She comes to talk to him after this and I will post that longer video shortly).”


Milano looks like a fool, and she knows it. But she refuses to back down even after she acknowledges there is video footage of the incident. Dana Loesch is fed-up with Milano’s constant anti-gun lies and rants usually directed at her, and she decided to set the record straight.

Loesch tweeted to Milano, “No one ‘sent’ anyone anywhere to ‘intimidate’ you. The man was walking with his young sons and when he politely asked question (on video) your hired gun pushed him from the public park, in front of his kids. The law-abiding NRA member deescalated the situation your guard caused.”

Src : MadWorldNews


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