Motorists Pass Car For Days – Finally One Person Stops To Make Horrific Discovery

Every day for several days, motorists would roll down a rural Missouri road, passing by a stranded car wedged in the shoulder brush. Its eerie existence didn’t sit well with many drivers, but they kept going anyway. Finally, a curious cop stopped and couldn’t believe what he found inside the strange vehicle.

On Sunday, a Poplar Bluff couple had first seen the car with a white male and female inside. Assuming they were having car troubles, the good Samaritans stopped to see if they could help. Their assistance must have been denied, as the initial witness and her husband carried on down the road, leaving the car and the stuck couple in their dust.

For several more days, more people would pass it by, never stopping, until one cop came upon it on Thursday and decided to do something about it. He pulled over, assuming the car had been in some kind of an accident, but as soon as he stepped foot out of his patrol car, he could tell something far more sinister was in front of him. A rancid odor filled the air around the car, which got stronger as the officer sniffed around the rear of the vehicle. That’s when a decomposing body was discovered in the trunk, bound up with strangulation marks around his neck,

The victim found in the car was determined to be the owner of the ride, 48-year-old Norman K. Jones. His wife had reported him missing just the day before, even though he had been gone since Saturday, August 22. However, it shouldn’t have taken so long for Jones to be found after a “friend” received a creepy text message admission days earlier.

The “friend” had received a text message from 24-year-old Edward Weaver that read, “I am having car trouble and I have a body in the trunk,” along with a picture of Jones’ bound up body stuffed in his own trunk. Rather than reporting the message and confession, the recipient followed Weaver’s directive to be a “loyal” friend. The woman along for the ride with Weaver and the dead body was determined to be Amber McDannald. The two were also confirmed to be the couple the good Samaritans stopped and talked to on Sunday when they were stranded in the ditch.

According to Sgt. Jeff Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol, Jones had become the victim of a drug deal gone wrong, when Weaver believed that the man had stolen pills from him. So, as deranged drug dealers seem to think someone stealing your fix is cause for death, Weaver allegedly killed him and stole the man’s car.

Edward Weaver has been arrested and charged with murder and is being held without bond. Amber McDannald was taken in several hours later and has also been detained for her connection to the crime.

The man who received this admission needs to also be charged for not reporting a crime. It says something disgusting about the desensitized state of our nation when people can receive a text message confession and do nothing about it, other than assisting the criminal.

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