Comedian Jokes About Killing ICE Agents – Immediately Gets Some Bad News

This comedian should have known better. Openly threatening a federal agent is something the government doesn’t take lightly.

BTW, threatening any federal official is a felony! Why is he not in jail?

Wonder how he would feel about someone making jokes about killing bad comedians?


A Brooklyn comedian thought he would celebrate Cinco de Mayo by encouraging people to kill Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

Federal authorities were not amused, the New York Post reported.

Jake Flores of Brooklyn went on a Twitter rant May 5 about the cultural appropriation of whites, according to BizPac Review.

“Ok here’s how Cinco de Mayo works in 2018. White people are allowed to culturally appropriate on the condition that you help to destroy ICE. You kill 1 ICE agent and you get to wear a sombrero. 2 kills and you can wear a pancho,” he tweeted in a since-deleted post.

Several other tweets continued what Flores called humor, describing what prizes would be given for killing five ICE agents and then for 100 kills.

The next day, he received an unwelcome visit — from the agency whose members he just put in someone’s crosshairs. More


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